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TimefyMe is committed to a professional management of your personal data. The personal data and time data which you enter would never be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. Where the service provider is subject to a legal requirement to collect data about its users, such data would be stored only for the period that is mandated by law.

The following service provider is responsible for the protection of your personal data at TimefyMe (

Vorgründungsgesellschaft GridMind Ivan Fernando Villanueva Barrio EU
  • Malmöer Str. 6
  • 10439 Berlin, Germany
  • Fon: +493039820596
  • Fax: +493034060473
  • Email:
  • VATIN subject to German law §27a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE270095377
  • Person responsible according to German law §55 Abs. 2 RStV: Ivan Fernando Villanueva Barrio (same address as above)

A. Server log file

Every time you access our web service TimefyMe the servers log your visit to the site in a log file that is kept for a limited period of time. The stored data comprises the IP address of your computer with a time stamp (date, time), the uniform resource identifier (URI) of the requested resource, the referring web site (referrer URI), operating system and browser identifier, and presumably the name of your Internet Service Provider ("ISP"). The technical administration of our service infrastructure collects the data for the sole purpose of access and system security. An analysis of the data would take place in the event of an attack on the information technology infrastructure of the service or for mere statistical purposes. The stored data does not constitute personal data.

B. Use of Cookies

The internet protocols specify HTTP "cookies" (cmp. IETF Request for Comments 2965, for the technical administration of a user session. Cookies are small text files. A web browser automatically saves cookies on your connecting device when you request the TimefyMe site. Upon first use we inform you about that. Cookies are strictly necessary so that the service provider could provide TimefyMe as you requested. If cookies are disabled, the service will not work. TimefyMe uses cookies for the envisaged technical purpose, and does not make use of the controversial cross-site tracking cookies.

C. Using our web analytics service Piwik

TimefyMe operates an in-house solution for web analytics, Piwik ( Piwik is available as free and open source software under the GNU General Public License. The Independent Centre for Privacy Protection (ULD) Schleswig-Holstein has analysed Piwik ( ULD is known for its ambitious standards on data protection and its tough enforcement of legal requirements. We will adhere to the recommendations from the ULD for Piwik use. The stored Piwik data comprises the IP address of a request, time stamp and the duration of the visit, the specific pages which are accessed, browsers, plugins, search engines and referring page (referrer URI). The Piwik tool makes use of cookies to distinguish individual user sessions but you cannot single out particular persons using the collected data. Cookies are stored for a maximum of 30 days. Piwik can optionally set an opt-out cookie, in which your disagreement about Piwik participation is recorded. We apply the results from the Piwik web analytics tool to improve user navigation and service quality of TimefyMe. Under no circumstances we would reconcile the data in Piwik with other records of your personal data. Technical security measures and direct instructions to our system administrators prohibit data merge and reconnaissance of pseudonyms. We share aggregated media data with our partners or the general public.

D. Registration of a user account

When you sign in as a user of the website TimefyMe we store the following data in the database: time stamp of registration, IP address of the computer, user identification, counter-phrase of the password ("hash"), electronic mail and where applicable: full name, profile image, a membership in "groups" and subscriptions, time zone, language, country. When you sign in as a user, you can always edit your "profile" and voluntarily add more information about yourself. We invite you to use a pseudonym instead of your real name.

E. Use of TimefyMe and data transparency

As the main functionality of TimefyMe you enter timestamp information about activities you carry out comprising an activity description, a start time stamp and an end time stamp. It is not checked whether these pieces of information are correct, relate to you or another person. When you join a group that data would normally be visible to the group creator and other group members, including your editing operations. You consent by joining a group to that transparency. For your convenience you are made aware that you are wilfully sharing your time entries with others. At any time you can download your data entries in a convenient format.

F. Full removal of a user account

When you terminate a user account we would normally offer you read access to your data during a transition period, so you can migrate your own data to another service. When we proceed to remove a user account the following data will be irreversibly erased: username, email, first and surname, profile image if any, country, city and time zone. In addition we erase associations of a user to groups. Some entries remain in the data base and relate to activities in groups and timeline. We will attribute remaining entries to a "former user" account. We also offer the opportunity to suspend your account or for paid group accounts to freeze the data.

G. Use of personal data

We process and use your personal data for the mere purpose that we are able to provide and optimize the TimefyMe services for you. Email contact data is used for automated confirmation of registration via email. Occasionally you may get notified by us via email ("opt-in"). It is a fully automated service. By no means an IP address would be reconciled with personal data from other sources. IP addresses are masked in order to render a mapping impossible. Depending on technical capabilities you are free to submit geographic indicators (location information) to us in order to better customize services. At TimefyMe we take specific technical and organizational state-of-the-art measures for the protection of your personal data.

H. Data reduction and safety

A principle of collecting, processing and using as little personal data as possible governs the collection, processing and use of personal data and the technical choices and design of the web service TimefyMe. In particular, personal data is rendered anonymous or aliased as far as it is technically feasible and proportionate.

I. Professional confidentiality of technical administrators

We organise the operation of TimefyMe that only those staffers get access to the data where they require it in the performance of their activities. These staffers have signed confidentiality agreements, and have to bear serious consequences for breach of confidentiality, such as termination and criminal/civil sanctions.

J. External web services

The service provider cannot exercise control over external sites linked from the TimefyMe site. These web sites may set their own cookies or spy on their users' personal information. External services, in particular payment processing services, and operating devices you use are governed by their own Privacy Policies which we recommend you to consult.