Terms of ser vice

For your convenience the Terms of Service can be saved in a local copy or printed out. Please study them carefully before you agree. Users who have read and agree with these Terms of Service are entitled to use the web service TimefyMe.


TimefyMe is a personal time tracking software. It is free of charge.


For the purposes of this document:

means the web platform accesible at https://TimefyMe.com.
means any person who uses TimefyMe.
We and us
are the people or legal entity running and responsible for TimefyMe, which is:
wikical gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH
  • Greifswalder Str. 228
  • 10405 Berlin, Germany
  • Fon: +493039820596
  • Email:
  • Managing director: Iván Fernando Villanueva Barrio
  • Commercial register: Local Court Charlottenburg
  • Commercial register number: HRB 190397 B

Basic requirements

Users are required to have an email account and an Internet connection. A user of TimefyMe will receive emails about the operations of the web service. Email and Internet connection are not part of the service and may incur charges from the respective Internet or Email Service Provider. Users are responsible for their ability to access the Internet, their email account and their use of common Internet communication software and hardware.

Termination of user account

Users may close their TimefyMe accounts at any point in time, in which case the user's data will be sent to her by email and deleted within 30 days. TimefyMe also provides a convenient way to download that data prior to the closing of the acount. This respects the freedom of users to migrate all their data to an infrastructure operated by another party.

Password protection

  1. Users specify their access password electronically and are required to confirm it. To this end an email account is needed for registering and managing a user account.
  2. Users of TimefyMe keep their password confidential and protect it from misuse by thirds.
  3. TimefyMe can electronically assist a user to recover her password. However, we will never ask for passwords of TimefyMe.
  4. Users may be liable for misuses of their user accounts. Where a user suspects a misuse of a user account, she shall immediately notify us.

External Hosting Operator

The web platform running the web service TimefyMe and the required data space is operated by a contracted data center and is protected against unauthorized access.

Safeguarding sensitive data

We respects user privacy and the sensitive nature of personal data disclosure. In order to safeguard the online privacy of its users TimefyMe operates an in-house web analytics solution Piwik to optimize its web services instead of an externally hosted service. For more on technically and legally required data storage and safeguards for the protection of the personal data TimefyMe explicitly refers to its privacy policy.

Fitness for use and functional changes

  1. We attempts to provide accurate, complete and quality services for personal time tracking and time management. However, we cannot universally assure that the functionality is accurate and accessible under any specific circumstances and conditions, and that it satisfies all user needs. We reserves the rights to change or discontinue TimefyMe.
  2. We are further improving the platform. Because of this and regular maintenance temporary usage limitations are possible. For these evident reasons users are not legally entitled to continuous uninterrupted use and accessibility of TimefyMe.
  3. Temporary disruptions of services may also incur for reasons of vis major, including strike, and governmental injunctions or required technical changes. We takes all reasonable efforts to limit consequences of hazardous incidents and disturbances.

Abusive use and System intrusion

  1. A user should inform us about an illegal use of TimefyMe an electronic contact or a written notice to us. Information about unlawful activities would be shared with competent authorities. We may be required by law to notify competent authorities immediately about alleged illegal activities undertaken or to share data with the competent authorities by which a user's identity may be revealed. TimefyMe supports no offensive, indecent, extremist, criminal or terrorist activities, and such uses are expressly inconsistent with these terms.
  2. We may suspend or terminate user participation to the service if the users infringes upon the Terms of Service or legal obligations, or while we checks a suspected wrongdoing. Accounts of users can be suspended at any time when they makes false statements, commits identity theft, publish unlawful or undesirable content, or impair the functioning of TimefyMe.


A liability of us is excluded, including compensation, in particular damage compensation, in particular for cases of delay, non-fulfillment, unsatisfactory fulfillment and impossibility, positive or unauthorized action insofar incidents were not caused by action of intent or gross negligence.

External Link

A user of TimefyMe may follow links to third party websites for which we take no responsibility. We does not espouse the content of external sites.


Insofar not envisaged otherwise contractual notifications and declarations have to be based on text.

Governing law

The governing law shall be the law of the Federal Republic of Germany with exclusion of the United Nations treaties on international commerce (CISG). Only insofar the user is an Businessman (“Kaufmann” within the special meaning of Section 1 ff. German Commercial Code (HGB)), a judicial body of public law or a special estate of public law the venue Berlin get designated as the sole venue of jurisdiction devised from the terms of use and the applicable contract.

Dispute settlement procedure

We are not participating in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer agency. However, the law on alternative dispute resolution in consumer goods requires that we nevertheless point out a consumer complaint agency responsible for you:

 Allgemeine Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle des Zentrums für Schlichtung e. V. Straßburger Str. 8 77694 Kehl Germany www.verbraucher-schlichter.de 

Salvatory clause

In case that provisions of these general terms of service and/or the applicable contract are or become obsolete, the other provisions remain effective for both parties. The ineffective provision shall be substituted by such a legally effective provision which approximates the spirit and purpose of the ineffective provision in the closest possible way.


wikical gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH
  • Greifswalder Str. 228
  • 10405 Berlin, Germany
  • Fon: +493039820596
  • Email:
  • Managing director: Iván Fernando Villanueva Barrio
  • Commercial register: Local Court Charlottenburg
  • Commercial register number: HRB 190397 B

Berlin, Germany as of 6th of March 2019